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Urban Bridge: Going Live!

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Notes from Dave: Welcome to My Blog!

Hey. I'm Dave from the band Urban Bridge. We've been going now for a few years and have decided to try out the 'new' way of getting our music out there.

I guess the old days of picking up a guitar and playing in a pub are still for me the most raw, talented and live ways of playing music.

The Times are Changing

But these days people expect more. Engineers strive to get music as loud as possible with compressors and limiters, kids are getting free DAWs and mixing at home.....

and getting your song on a Spotify Playlist or hitting 100k views on YouTube seems to be one of the only ways to get your music out there.

Mixing Business and Pleasure

So we want to give you guys the best of both worlds and see if we can achieve a little success along the road. As an experienced songwriter and producer, I will deliver you outstanding studio productions through modern streaming sites. We will record videos to our tracks for YouTube. We will play our instruments LIVE on stage and use the modern technologies available to deliver the best, most exciting sound possible.

But most of all we'll have fun doing it!

Check out our YouTube channel here and SUBSCRIBE

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